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Our Menu

Serving fresh and locally sourced foods



Starters and Nibbles

GF = Gluten Free options available on request

Marinated Olives

£3.00 mixed olives, garlic and peppers, marinated in oil and herbs

Home Made Soup

£4.95 served with warm crusty bread

Creamy garlic Mushrooms

£5.45 button Mushrooms pan-fried in a rich creamy garlic sauce served with warm crusty bread

Rustic Warm Breads

£3.75 selection of breads; butter, olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Fresh Cornish Brie

£5.45 coated in Golden Breadcrumbs with mixed salad and cranberry dip

Thai Chicken Spring Rolls

£5.95 rice pancake filled with chicken, vegetables & vermicelli noodles, with a sweet chilli dip


£3.95 - 6.95 to share tortilla chips topped with melting cheese, jalapeno peppers, guacamole, sour cream & salsa

Farmhouse Pate

£5.45 chicken liver pate, red onion chutney, toast and mixed salad

St Ives Scallops

£7.45 pan fried in smoked bacon, cream and oregano with warm bread and mixed salad


from the grill

From the Grill

Locally sourced meats, cooked to your liking
GF = Gluten Free options available on request

10oz Rump Steak

£14.50 grilled to your liking and served with chips, onion rings, mushrooms, garden peas and grilled tomato

Chefs Homemade Steak Sauces

£2.95 Au Poivre (GF)
Port and Stilton (GF)
Honey & Wholegrain Mustard (GF)

10 oz Gammon Steak

£12.50 a Prime 10oz D-Cut Gammon Steak topped with egg and pineapple, served with chips, grilled tomato and peas

8oz Ribeye Steak

£14.50 topped with homemade red onion chutney & melted Cornish brie, and served with chips, grilled tomato, mushrooms and garden peas


farmhouse favourites

Farmhouse Favourites

Freshly cooked locally sourced meals for you to enjoy
GF = Gluten Free options available on request

Chicken & Ham Pie

£10.95 homemade short crust pastry pie, buttered new potatoes and seasonal vegetables


£10.50 a traditional homemade beef lasagne served with chips and mixed salad

Ham, Egg and Chips

£9.50 slices of Devonshire ham, served with chips, grilled tomato, peas and a brace of eggs

Belly Pork

£11.95 slow roasted belly pork served with crackling, gravy, mashed potato and seasonal vegetables


from the sea

From the Sea

Local and freshly caught seafood
GF = Gluten Free options available on request

Homemade Fish Pie

£11.50 smoked haddock, salmon, cod and prawns in a creamy white wine & parsley sauce, topped with mashed potato and served with seasonal vegetables

Battered Fish

£11.50 a lightly battered fillet of seasonal white fish, served with chips, garden peas and tartare sauce

Breaded Wholetail Scampi

£11.50 breaded Wholetail Scampi, deep fried until golden, served with chips, peas and mixed salad

Smoked Haddock Fishcakes

£11.50 a combination of Smoked Haddock, mozzarella cheese, potato and spring onion in a crispy crumb coating served with chips and mixed salad



Lighter Bites

9" Stonebaked Pizzas, baguettes & Jacket potatoes
GF = Gluten Free options available on request


add toppings - tuna, olives, peppers, sweetcorn, mushrooms - £0.85





Ham and Pineapple


BBQ Chicken and Bacon


Spicy Meatball


Hoisin Duck, peppers, Spinach & Spring Onion


Oven Baked Baguettes

Choose; white or mulit-seed. All served with mixed salad and coleslaw.

Bacon, Brie & Cranberry


Prawn Marie Rose


Steak & Onion


Chicken, Bacon & Cheddar


Jacket Potatoes

All served with mixed salad and coleslaw.

Cheese & Coleslaw


Cheese & Beans


Tuna & Mayonaise


Bacon & Beans


Prawn Marie Rose


On its own




Vegetarian Specials

GF = Gluten Free options available on request

Vegetarian Quiche

£9.95 a homemade vegetarian quiche served with buttered new potatoes, coleslaw and mixed salad

Tortelloni with Stilton & Wild Rocket Pesto

£11.50 served with a mixed salad and garlic ciabatta

Spicy Vegetable Burritos

£11.50 a combination of courgettes, sweetcorn, kidney beans and peppers in a tangy salsa; wrapped in a soft tortilla and served with sour cream dip and mixed salad



Children's Selection

Chicken Goujons

£5.95 choose; chips or mashed potatoes & choose; peas, or beans or salad

Fishcakes - Breaded cod cakes

£5.95 choose; chips or mashed potatoes & choose; peas, or beans or salad


£5.95 choose; chips or mashed potatoes & choose; peas, or beans or salad

Homemade Lasagne

£5.95 choose; peas or beans or salad

Homemade Chicken & Ham Pie

£5.95 choose; peas or beans or salad

Ham, Eggs & Chips



side orders

Side Orders

Side orders to compliment your meal

Side Orders

Chips - £2.20
Cheesy chips - £2.70
Onion rings - £1.70
Side salad - £2.50

Curly fries - £2.70
Cheesy curly fries - £3.25
Vegetables - £2.70
Coleslaw - £1.70

Warm baguette - £1.25
Garlic ciabatta - £2.25
Cheesy garlic ciabatta - £2.75
Gravy jug - £1.50


snacks selection

Salads & Ploughmans

GF = Gluten Free options available on request

King Prawn & Avocado

£9.95 cucumber, cherry tomato, spring onion, soya beans, mixed leaves, homemade marie rose dressing

Ploughmans Ham/Cheese

£8.95 Devonshire ham or cheddar cheese ploughmans with coleslaw, chutney, pickled onions, mixed salad & warm crusty bread

Chicken Caesar Salad

£9.95 baby gem, croutons, parmesan shavings, homemade caesar dressing

Scotch Egg Salad

£9.95 homemade scotch eggs, mixed leaves, coleslaw, potato salad and rice salad




Room for more?

Hot Chocolate Fondant

£5.45 homemade hot dessert with chocolate fondant centre, vanilla ice cream

Creme Brulee

£5.45 homemade creamy custard with a crunchy caramelised topping

Fresh Fruit Pavlova

£5.45 homemade meringue topped with fresh whipped cream, a selection of fresh fruits and berry coulis

Raspberry Cheesecake

£5.45 homemade creamy cheesecake topped with raspberries and raspberry coulis

Chocolate Profiteroles

£5.45 choux pastry filled with fresh cream, and topped with Belgian chocolate sauce


£5.75 selection of British cheeses and assorted crackers


hot beverages

Hot Beverages

Freshly Ground Coffee




Liqueur Coffees

£4.25 Irish - Whisky
Caribbean - Dark Rum
Calypso - Tia Maria
French - Brandy

De-Caf Coffee


Pot of Tea


Cappuccino/Latte/Hot Chocolate


Herbal Teas


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The Court Farm Inn

The Court Farm Inn, Abbotskerswell is a beautiful and historic local public house, serving home-cooked food and excellent real ales.

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